Hi, this is Alex (@alexgotoi). I’m…

(Warning: the text on this self-important About Me page contains too many “I” or “me”.)

A full time corporate employee.

I work in the HR Technology space as a Software Implementation Consultant. For the last 4 years my mission was (and still is) to make the HR Professionals’ life easier so they can focus more on Human and less on Resources. My expertise ranges from HR Data Management, HR Analytics to HCM Implementation (tech stacks: Oracle HRMS, Oracle HCM Cloud, ADP Vantage HCM). Get in touch for HR Tech Keynotes & Presentations or HR Tech consultancy.

Seeking career stories of interesting people.

I am a huge video content consumers and I found a need of content about regular people’s careers stories so I decided to fill the gap. The project is called “The Badge Generation” and can be found on my Youtube Channel.

Creating an HR international community.

HRNews.co will be in phase 1 a manually curated newsletter of the best HR related articles of the week. In phase 2 I plan to interview some of the best HR Professionals in the world and the ultimate scope is to make a Hacker News for HR industry.

a casual Blogger.

I write in Romanian some of my random thoughts, about travels, experiences and anything that I might find interesting.

A traveler.

Like everybody else, I love travelling and I document the places I visit in my Instagram feed and/or in my Vlog playlist on Youtube.